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As we see signs of climate change day to day, renewable energy sources are increasing in demand. Solar power offers little to no global warming emissions. Consumers want to do their part to preserve the environment for future generations, however, in doing so, most would prefer not to compromise on the aesthetic of their lifestyle and especially their most valuable asset - their home. The idea for our product was a result of a Sunday drive in the English countryside. Home after home had conventional solar panels mounted on their roofs. A beautiful countryside, marred by solar panels. Why not just make the panels and the roof tile one? Behold, the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile.

The Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile was engineered in the UK and now reliably generates power on homes in Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa, and Jamaica using the most common roofing material in the world - concrete roof tiles. We continue to grow our geographic footprint with many more projects in development globally.

Ergosun is part of Solarmass Energy Group Ltd. which exists with a mission to solarize existing building materials.


The Team

Ergosun has a dedicated team of experts, committed to making your dream of a solar roof a reality.

Brian Roth


Brian is a senior executive with more than fifteen years experience in Finance, Strategic Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Raising, and Strategic Sales. A CPA and a P.Eng., Brian possesses a unique skill set developed in a variety of entrepreneurial environments. Brian has a track record of growing start-ups both organically as well as through mergers and acquisitions.

Bruce Wintemute

Chief Sales Officer

Joining the Ergosun team in 2016, Bruce brings 25 years of experience leading high performing sales teams. In complex selling environments Bruce has consistently built and executed strategic plans delivering results while creating sustainable customer-centric cultures. Consistently these plans have created high levels of customer retention and customer acquisition. Bruce also brings extensive knowledge in distribution.

Paul Henderson


Mr. Henderson has 17 years of commercial experience in consumer goods, leading teams as the take new products from inception to commercial success. Paul's experience includes the leadership of a business unit within a Fortune 500 company and has provided him with extensive international capability. Paul's primary area of expertise is in commercial frameworks and commercial structures. Prior to entering the corporate world, Paul competed at an international level as a cyclist, representing Canada.

Charles Austin


As an active angel investor with a focus on the real estate and renewable energy sectors, Charles brings extensive experience in business development, corporate governance, and early-stage risk capital. Charles has been President of Austin & Briggs Investments Inc. for over 25 years, having served in many roles with public and private companies in C-level management, Officer, and Director roles during his career. Charles is regularly called upon to be a value-added investor through advisory and contract roles with start-up companies.

Jeff Bontkes


As the CEO of Benchmark Homes Ltd, Jeff lends his experience in how to ease customer decision making within the building industry. Born and raised in BC, Jeff learned the business on construction sites working in various trades and adds a focus on how to best integrate our product into the building process as well as optimizing our own business processes.

Byron Dyck


Byron has 33 years of experience in business. Currently leading Superior Pressure Vessels, a private company headquartered in Calgary, AB, Byron brings a strong background to assist in navigating a challenging regulatory environment for the Ergosun product. A manufacturing control leader, Byron also offers guidance and advice to the management team regarding a number of manufacturing and corporate structure challenges. Byron's extensive experience with manufacturing certification bodies brings with it a focus on safety always being a top priority.

Neal Rempel


Neal is currently the Vice President of Bert’s Electric as well as President or Vice President for a number of other ventures including Cascade Communications and Security, Extreme Automation Control, and Rand Pacific Holdings. Over the last 30 years in both management and as an investor, Neal has gained experience growing several businesses from young and emerging ventures into commercial successes. On the board, Neal brings strong guidance on technical questions and issues of corporate structure as well as extensive experience within the building and construction industries.

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